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Our Mission

Fostering Amity Across Cultures, Communities, and Religions.

Our Vision

    1. To Develop and strengthen the Indian Muslim Identity.

    2. Promote Indian Muslim Culture.

    3. To foster social interaction between the senior citizens and the youth of the community.

    4. Promote social and cultural responsibilities among the youth of the community.

    5. Promote and support educational opportunities for needy students.

    6. Organize and celebrate Muslim festivals in association with other organizations.


We need your support to help us succeed in our mission to help the community and the needy.

Join our Team

Join our team to help us spread the message of Unity, Harmony and Amity among different cultures.

Services & Programs

Our Services & Popular Programs

Eid Milan Gala

IMAGH's Annual Eid al-Fitr celebration, a joyous and inclusive event that embraces cultural diversity and promotes unity among communities. Come together to foster amity, understanding, and harmony in a celebration filled with love, compassion, and shared traditions.

Community Services

IMAGH's community services are dedicated to making a positive impact. Through various outreach programs, we aim to uplift and empower individuals, providing essential support and resources to enhance lives. Join us in building a stronger, more compassionate community together.

IMAGH Picnic

Experience the ultimate family-friendly fun at the Annual IMAGH Picnic! A delightful day of games, activities, and delicious food, catering to all age groups. Come together, connect, and create cherished memories in a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere.

Other Services

Discover a world of diverse services at IMAGH! From connecting like-minded individuals through our matrimonial platform to fostering professional growth with business networking, student assistance, and career opportunities, we cater to a wide range of needs, creating a supportive and thriving community for all.


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Brooklyn Simmons


Arlene McCoy


Affiliate Organizations

Club 65

Senior Citizen's club that seeks to engage and energize seniors in our community through social interactions, educational seminars, and fun events. Click here to find out more.


The South Asian Youth Alliance (SAYA) is a new group to unite and engage South Asian youth to connect to their heritage and outreach to their community through events, workshops, volunteering, and social gatherings.

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